Island Rentals
St. George Island, FL
What to Do, What To Do........
Local saying is that we have nothing to do and all day to do it!

St. George Island and Apalachicola truley represent what "Old Florida" was about. We don't have any high rise condos, you wont see any amusement parks or traffic jams on our roads, we only have 1 stop light in the whole county!

St. George Island is a beautiful barrier island that has sugar white sand on the ocean side from one end to the other. All of the beach is easily accessible. The east end of the island is a state park that offers hiking, fishing, birdwatching, camping, and is a great place to spend a day on a secluded beach.

The center of the island has our commercial district. We have a number of resturants, stores, rental outlets, and access to boat rentals and eco tours. The bay side of St. George Island is a phenomenal place from an environmental standpoint. The marshes and oyster bars provide an amazing place to view and experience wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

The bay is one of the best places to fish in Florida. It is loaded with Trout, Redfish, Flounder, and at certain times of the year our fishing guides can put you on world class Tarpon. Live bait fishing in the surf can provide a few surprises for the casual angler to!

Apalachicola is a historic town just a 10 minute drive from St. George Island. The town has been around since the early 1800's and has been historically significant over the years for its cotton and timber trade, involvement in the civil war, invention of the ice machine, and of course its seafood industry! Apalachicola is the "Oyster Capital"!
Our bay provides 10% of the nations Oysters.

Visit Apalachicola and enjoy its shops, history, and seafood resturants. The town has a working waterfront that is still involved in processing and shipping seafood.

We have 2 golf course St. Joe Country Club and St. James Country Club, each is a 40 minute ride but rarely is there a wait for a tee time.

After you spend time on the beach, have an oyster roast or a shrimp boil, visit the light house on St. George, eat and shop in Apalachicola, fish a little, have a cocktail at Harry A's, enjoy a sunset over the bay, and drink a cup of coffee while the sun comes up over the might have missed your ride home!

St. George Island and Apalachicola are special places and they will find a way into your heart. Its a different kind of Florida here......

Hope to see you soon, and call if you have nothing to do!